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Property development, planning and construction

Property development, planning and construction

Titon real estate development team understands the processes of building new projects from A to Z, increasing our investors expected ROI. Our investments range from renovation of existing buildings to the purchase and development of raw land. The appeal of working with Titon property development is that we have everything in one place, “ALL IN ONE”. We manage, buy and sell our portfolio properties through our Real Estate Company. We fix, renovate and develop through our Construction Company. The potential of doing “ALL IN ONE” translate into higher operating profits during ownership and larger capital gains upon sale.

Titon property development is an expert in converting ideas from paper to real property. Our team of professionals have many years of experience in the real estate, development, planning and construction

Property development, planning and construction

of any given project. We buy the land, design, finance the real estate deals, build the projects, and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end. We also obtain the necessary approvals and finances to build the properties. Once completed, we have the licenses to rent out, manage, and ultimately sell the property for a profit. Our goal in doing real estate development is to increase value of new development or the improvement of existing buildings.



To get into real estate development, you need to understand the processes involved. There are three general stages you’ll go through:





We offer residential and commercial real estate development services and know how to increase the value of your property.

Titon Development has what it takes to make a successful development project. ALL IN ONE company can better perform and control budget and time hence, increase the value and ROI. As a Full-service General Contractor and as a knowledgeable & experienced property development company, our team will compare a wide range of home improvements and advise on the ones that could potentially result in higher return on investment.


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