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Home Remodeling & Restoration Services in Las Vegas, NV

Residential and Business Remodeling & Restoration Specialist is a must for your damaged property. Titon has a skilled team of contractors to fix your home’s water and fire damage. Contact Us Today For A Free Assessment And Estimate. Custom Projects. Full Service Installation. Any Budget. Trusted Crew.

Water, fire and other disasters can cause much damage to homes or commercial buildings, and as time passes it can get worse. It is important to be proactive and take care of the problem ASAP. Choosing the right restoration company who cares about your well being can save time and money in the long run.

Titon General Contractor provides professional home/office restoration services, offering small, medium, and large-scale restoration solutions for residential & commercial properties damaged by water or fire. We are available 24/7 for emergency restoration & cleaning services in Las Vegas & surrounding areas. Our team of trained technicians will professionally assess the water or fire damage at your residential or commercial property, salvage the contents, remove damaged materials, demolish the damaged part of the property, clean and repair the damages and more. Titon cares about our clients and their safety. We aim at protecting your home in the best possible way in order to minimize the costs and complications in the future. Saving your time and avoiding extra costs, we also work with our clients’ insurance companies to determine necessary repairs.


Our home/office restoration services include:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Kitchen Restoration
  • Bathroom Restoration
Home Remodeling & Restoration Services

Las Vegas Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Titon’s qualified team specializes in water damage repair services at affordable rates. We understand that it’s very important to remove all the moisture from all the materials and surfaces, otherwise some of it can possibly remain inside and bring about even more problems. With the help of our up-to-date equipment we extract water, dehumidify and dry the areas affected by water making sure that there is no hidden moisture left. Excess moisture can cause mold which will do harm to your health and property. Call us and we will assess the extent of the mold damage, remove the mold and prevent future mold contamination.

Our emergency home restoration team also knows how to professionally deal with fire and smoke damage. We diligently check, clean the damaged site be it your home, kitchen, bathroom or office and repair & restore everything affected by the fire. We always respond and take action rapidly to rescue as much as possible. In case of very serious losses our first-class remodeling & construction services are also available.

Sometimes your kitchen and bathroom appliances can suddenly fail and affect these rooms or even the whole home. Our certified team will detect the cause of the damage and provide proper repair of broken or leaky pipes, a leak or crack in the roof, sewage or other plumbing issues, air conditioner leaks, clogged sink or bath, broken refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher and more. We will check everything in order to prevent such issues in the future and keep your place completely safe.

Room Restoration from water & fire damage
Home reconstruction and remodeling

Titon General Contractor guarantees top-quality residential & commercial restoration, cleanup, repair and remodeling services in Las Vegas, Nevada. Many years of experience coupled with unparalleled expertise enables our emergency team to handle all aspects of the water & fire damage restoration and return your property to its former state and look.

Knowing what it takes to restore your home in need and having the crew and relationship with qualified companies, we are full service on budget crew.

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