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Design-Build General Contractor in Las Vegas

Design-Build General Contractor

Titon has realized that the Design-Build process, ALL IN ONE, allows for better results. Overlapping the design and construction phases reduces costs, expedites schedule and prevents potential mistakes before they occur. We attempt to start construction before design is completed, saving time and money. Titon’s works under a single contract to provide design and construction services with Our partners Architects and Engineerings. We provide our clients the flexibility and productivity during the construction process and better the flow of work from initial concept through completion by working as follow:

design / build
  • Building a Teamwork
  • Directing a Single Point of Responsibility
  • Communicating Openly and Transparently
  • Eliminating Adversarial Conditions
  • Speeding Project Delivery

When hired as your design-builder, we take on the responsibility of hiring and managing the design professionals, consultants and subcontractors. If you already have an Arichitect, we can still follow the Design/Build approach in order to better the process and eliminate problem during construction phase. Our integrated approach in Design-Built allows us to solve problems before they happen, shorten timelines, and reduce costs while delivering an exceptional end result.


Titon Cost and time savings through the All IN ONE, Design-Built concept has proved to be successful. Our design and construction personnel carefully evaluate the method, materials and design to potentially better the process and control and standards.


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