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Stucco Installation & Repair Services in Las Vegas

Stucco Installation & Repair Contractor

You have framing done and want to move on to the next building stage? As a construction contractor, Titon offers affordable stucco services for residential and commercial buildings. Stucco is applied to exterior walls, concrete, masonry as well as to wood frame and steel-frame. Good-quality stucco will make the core structure of your building hard and durable.

stucco  The color of the exterior walls does matter to you, but you think that stucco can't make your house stylish? In fact, our qualified builders can add pigments to stucco so that the building will look just the way you want it to. All you have to do is discuss your preferences with Titon's team. We offer preconstruction services that will help us understand your plans better and implement them.

It is always a good idea to consult with a trusted building contractor about building code standards in your area. Schedule a consultation with Titon's team to make things clear and discuss all the details of your construction contract. As a reliable building company in Las Vegas, Titon offers stucco services since stucco is highly resistant to rot, fungus and heat. Heat-resistance is of great importance during hot weather conditions in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You perfectly understand that the success of your construction project greatly depends on the team managing it. Titon is dedicated to providing you with professional builders. Stucco actually requires a little maintenance on your part. However, if it was poorly applied to your commercial building or residential home, you will have to spend much money to repair it and remove the damages afterwards. So, make sure to hire qualified builders who will do their work in the best possible way.


Depending on your building's structure, Titon offers different ways of stucco services:

  • Three-coat stucco (traditional stucco)
  • Two-coat stucco
  • One-coat stucco

Discussing all the details concerning the structure of your commercial building or residential home will make it possible for us to decide on the proper option for your building. Schedule consultation with Titon's team.


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