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Stair & Railing Construction & Repair in Las Vegas

Stairs & Railings Construction & Repair

Titon's construction team provides top-quality stairs installation at affordable prices. We offer stairs and railings for interior and exterior applications in both commercial and residential buildings. With Titon's design services we always make sure to follow your ideas and preferences in building and installing stairs and railings. Depending on your construction project, our skilled architects and interior designers offer various types of stairs:

  • Standard Construction
  • Open Riser Construction
  • Cut String Construction
  • Open Back Construction
  • Space Saver Stairs

Our collection and design of stairs and railings include various colors, patterns, styles and material which can match the interior and exterior of your building. It is important that your stairs are highly durable and provide security. Thus, as a reliable construction company, Titon will provide you with top-quality stair materials:

  • WOOD

    Wood stairs will be a great natural element of the interior. They will particularly enhance the interior styles such as contemporary, traditional, rustic and more. We offer different affordable wood stairs from pine and plywood to oak and ash.


    Stone staircase will add elegance to the interior of your building. We offer a wide range of colors and textures to match any style of your commercial or residential building.

  • GLASS &

    Glass & acrylic staircase will add glamour, a modern look and value to any commercial or residential building.


    Metal stairs are very strong and highly durable. Metal staircase is recommended to install indoors or in covered areas since metal is prone to corrosion.


    Concrete is strong and easy to form any staircase style with. Concrete stairs are very durable. However, they don't suit all exterior or interior designs.


stairs & railings contractor   Titon also offers many different railings materials such as wood, stainless steel, metal, stone, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and more that can perfectly match the staircase design.

Titon's construction services will provide the best value for your money and style when it comes to choosing and installing the right stairs and railings for your project. Quality material and proper installation will add to the durability of your stairs and railings. Titon's professional labor and long-lasting materials combined with our quality control & inspection services will ensure the success of your construction project.

We build stairs and railing for residential and commercial customers in Las Vegas. We can do any custom designed stairs and railings for any project.


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