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Swimming Pools Design & Construction in Las Vegas

Titon - Custom Swimming Pool Builder

As a construction contractor, Titon offers top-quality new pool construction services in Las Vegas at a very competitive pricing. Our qualified team and partners will properly build & install a new pool for your home ensuring durability and best fit. We will customize your pool by adding innovative design features which include pool fountains & water features, beach entries, pool mosaics, pool lighting, pebble and other finishes, spa features and more.

As a reliable construction company in Las Vegas, Titon is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality material for affordable residential pool installation:


    Concrete pools are the strongest and the most durable pools. They can be customized to any shape and depth depending on your construction project. We can design and add any features to this type of pool as well as remodel and enlarge it. However, concrete pool building and installation takes longer compared to other types of pools.


    Vinyl pools are relatively fast to install. They have a liner that is mostly pre- formed or sometimes freeform liners are also available. You can choose among various liner colors and patterns for your pool. However, the liner requires replacement every 10 years on average.


    Fiberglass pools come in various styles and are durable. Fiberglass pool installation is very easy and fast. However, there are fewer sizes available to fit a unique backyard.


    Stainless steel pools are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and can be designed to the requirements of your building. Although they are easy to maintain, stainless steel pools are less durable than other types of pools.


    Aluminum pools are resistant to rust and the material is flexible. However, they are susceptible to oxidation.


    Ceramic pools are really strong. However, they can't be customized to meet all your needs as they come in fewer sizes and shapes.


    Stone pools are durable and come in varieties of styles. As a decoration element, stone can be also used to create a special design for your pool.


pools   Our construction team and subs install a wide range of pools with various design features and will customize what is best suitable for your construction project. Titon's professional team provides estimation with pricing and custom pool planning for your property including the proper size, shape and style. Determining the best location for your new pool installation, we will ensure top quality and durability of your pool.

A new pool is a modern and convenient option for your property. Titon construction company is a licensed contractor providing new pool installation services in Las Vegas at a very affordable cost.

Titon, a Premier Pools Construction Company, offers Las Vegas homeowners custom pool design and construction services they can rely on.


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