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Titon's residential construction services include building patio covers. Patio covers are a great addition to your home. It allows a more often use of the back yard in protecting from the elements plus usually increases the value of your home. Titon's team will make your patio cover practical and design wise feet for your home style. Our residential building design projects always include our clients' preferences so that you get the most suitable patio in the end.

To make patio covers durable Titon offers high-quality materials:


Patio cover materials

  • WOOD

    There is no denying the fact that wood makes any patio cover look natural and beautiful. Besides, there are many color and texture options. Although wood patio covers need more effort in terms of maintenance, its durability, sturdiness and price are worth it.


    Aluminum patio covers are durable, though require minimal maintenance. Moreover, aluminum is the most cost-effective material for patio covers. However, it may be heated to high temperatures during hot summers.


    Vinyl patio covers require little or no maintenance and they are still highly durable. However, there is a limited number of colors to pick from.


Please keep in mind that different types of patio covers require different material. As a residential construction contractor in Las Vegas, Titon offers different styles of patio covers:

  • solid patio covers
  • latticed patio covers
  • pergolas

patio covers  

So, it is always a good idea to consult with the residential construction contractor in your area beforehand.

Titon's team will help you decide on the best option for your patio cover and our qualified builders will provide you with professional patio cover installation. Make your outdoor space protected and comfortable with Titon's residential construction design and build services!


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We provide patio cover installations, Alumawood, solid, latticed & pergolas patio covers. Titon General Contracting Company specializes in building the Best Patio Covers in Las Vegas.

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