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Titon offers residential and commercial construction services for those who are planning to start a building project. No building project can begin without the framing process since it actually forms the core structure of any construction project. We provide our clients with professional frame construction on early building stages. With Titon's preconstruction services you can discuss all details concerning your building site, the construction process itself and your budget plans as well.

Framing is a complex and vitally important construction process in a building project since the quality of the future building depends on it. So, it requires professional skills and careful control over the process. Framing includes:

  • Exterior walls
  • Support walls
  • Floor joists
  • Subflooring
  • Door frames
  • Stairwells
  • Trusses
  • Roof sheathing
Framing services in Las Vegas  

As a reliable building contractor in Las Vegas, Titon's team will make sure that the frame of your building is effectively constructed. Our qualified contemporary home builders and commercial construction always inspect the previously installed frames before installing the new ones. That is done to make the framing process safe so that we could move on to the forthcoming building stages.


Titon's task is to provide you with qualified labor and good materials for framing. Our professional builders use the following materials for framing:


Wood frames are sustainable, easy-to-use and thermal-resistant. How ever, they are susceptible to pests, moisture and fire.


Engineered wood frames are durable, warm and safe. However, they are a little susceptible to pests and moisture.


Structural steel frames are highly durable and resistant to fire, moisture and insects. Moreover, there is a wide range of various sizes available.


If you have questions regarding framing, Titon always offers construction consultation services so that you get a clear image of the whole process. We will provide you with written estimation of the materials and all the details of your building project.

Looking for an affordable framing contractor for your next project?
We provide quality residential and commercial framing for new home construction and also for repairs and remodeling.


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