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Residential & Commercial Flooring Installation Services in Las Vegas

Affordable Flooring in Las Vegas

Titon's residential construction services such as room addition and new home construction often include installation, refinishing and repair for your flooring. We also offer design services so that your new flooring will definitely go with the interior and suit your personal taste. Many of our renovation projects include flooring. With Titon's preconstruction services you can get information about the materials, the process itself and general details about your residential or commercial construction project.

As a reliable construction contractor in Las Vegas, Titon offers affordable flooring installation & repair services for residential and commercial buildings:

bedroom flooring


kitchen flooring


dining room flooring


lounge flooring


restaurants flooring


bathroom flooring


office space flooring


landings flooring


commercial toilet flooring



Different rooms require different options in terms of materials for their flooring. Titon General Contractors offers construction consultation where we can discuss the best material for your flooring. Depending on whether your building is commercial or residential, you can choose the proper material. As a residential and commercial construction contractor, Titon aims at providing our clients with high-quality materials for your taste and budget.

Titon's flooring materials includes:

  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  • Carpet tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Natural stone
flooring installation & repair services  

Domestic flooring

It is most common for domestic flooring to be installed on a room-by-room basis rather than using one material throughout. Different rooms have different requirements from their floorings.

  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge/dining room
  • Landings/stairs
  • Bathroom/wet areas

The most common types of flooring used in residential buildings are tiles and natural stone in bathrooms and hardwood, carpet, vinyl and laminate in other rooms. As for commercial buildings, our clients prefer flooring that is easy to maintain and keep clean. Thus, the optimal options in commercial buildings include vinyl, rubber flooring and carpet tiles. With Titon's preconstruction services we will help you decide on the best type flooring for your building.

New Installation, Refinishing, Repair for your flooring is up to you and your budget giving you the option to save money where needed. Titon residential and commercial construction contractor always provides you with good labor. Our professional team knows all the peculiarities of the flooring installation or repair process and will do their work properly. As a result, your flooring will be durable as well as aesthetic.

Our construction project management also includes quality control & inspection that ensure total success of your building project.


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We offer our flooring services for both residential and commercial properties in Las Vegas. A wide variety of wood types and finishes in many colors and styles.

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