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Residential & Commercial Drywall Contractor in Las Vegas

Residential & Commercial Drywall Contractor

Titon's construction team provides quality drywall installation at a very competitive pricing. Our room addition and new home construction projects often include drywall installation and painting services. Drywall installation can be applied to both commercial or residential buildings in many ways in terms of architecture and design. We make sure to follow sizes, styles and specs per the Architect or Interior Designer. Titon also offers design services so that we could implement your design ideas in building and installing Drywall.

If you want to proceed with your construction project and move on to the next construction stages as soon as possible, drywall is the perfect material for you. It is easy to install and doesn't have to dry after the installation. Moreover, drywall is highly durable and it makes walls and ceilings resistant to fire. However, despite all of its benefits, drywall is quite hard to work with. It requires a steady hand and an experienced contracting company to get the job done properly.

We always aim at providing you with high-quality construction material. As a reliable construction contractor in Las Vegas, Titon offers different types of drywall:


Drywall Types


Regular drywall is used for non-rated walls, ceilings or architectural features.


Sound board drywall is used for buildings where sound proofing is important.


Impact resistant drywall is used for schools, dormitories, etc.


Blue board drywall is used as a base for veneer plaster.


Flexible drywall is used for arches and curves.


Lead-lined drywall is used for areas subject to radiation.


Moisture resistant drywall is used for areas prone to moistures like bathrooms, basements, etc.


Fire-rated drywall is used for walls and ceilings that require fire-rating beyond 20 minutes.


Titon offers preconstruction services so that our team can help you choose the right type of drywall that would be the most suitable for your commercial or residential building. We will analyze your construction project and take into consideration all peculiarities of the building. Titon's team will help you estimate how much drywall you will need for your building to minimize the material waste. drywall installation service  

Drywall is a cost-effective option for new wall construction in both commercial and residential properties. Titon always provides our clients with qualified labor. With the professional approach our skilled builders do their work properly in order to prevent any possible damages and problems.

Titon general construction company is a licensed and insured drywall contractor providing affordable drywall repair & installation services in Las Vegas.


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We can install drywall, paint it and fill the seams. You can rely on TITON for your next renovation, remodel or construction project.

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