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Residential & Commercial Doors Installation Services in Las Vegas

Affordable Doors Installation in Las Vegas

As a construction company, Titon's home remodeling or new home construction services include door installation for commercial and residential buildings. We offer different options as to door styles and design which makes it possible for you to choose doors with special design features. We offer custom doors of various colors and textures to match your interior or exterior.

When it comes to choosing the doors for your building, there are many details to consider before the door installation. You should know the door size needed and the preferred door material. Titon is dedicated to providing you with high-quality door material. As a reliable construction company in Las Vegas, Titon offers different material for doors:



Wooden or Timber doors are mostly applied in the interior. They are easy to install, sound-proof and provide security.


Glass doors are more common in residential buildings. They make rooms lighter and enrich the interior.


Fiberglass doors are a great exterior option since they are hard and durable.


Steel doors are used both in the interior and exterior. They are known to be strong and durable.


Aluminum glazed doors are mainly used in commercial buildings since they are highly durable and ensure security.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) doors are light in weight and resistant to corrosion.


Titon offers full-service consultation services so that we can discuss your construction project and you can get more details about our door installation services. Titon's professional team will help you decide on the right door option depending on its weight, security, soundproofing, weatherproofing, thermal insulation and your budget. The aforesaid door characteristics determine whether you need solid core doors or hollow core doors for your commercial or residential building.

Titon always aims at providing you with qualified labor. With our professional door installation services your door will definitely contribute to the aesthetics of your building and will be highly durable.


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