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Building a Casita in Las Vegas

Titon offers construction services for residential buildings including casita construction. An increasing number of contemporary single-family home owners want a comfortable casita added to their house. If you need to have a guest house or just an additional space for your specific purposes, a casita is a practical option for you.

Building a Casita in Las Vegas  As a custom home construction company in Las Vegas, Titon's team is dedicated to implementing all your ideas regarding your future casita. Yet, if you don't have a clear image of what your casita should look like, we have construction consulting ser vice available. Our skilled modern home builders will answer the pressing questions that you would like to discuss as well as explain residential building construction stages.


Titon's team of professionals will successfully manage the residential building project.

  • Casita plan: Titon's team will help you plan your casita considering all your specific preferences. We will offer you several possible options so that you could choose the most suitable one for your property.
  • Casita design: Titon offers residential building design services, so we promise you a highly detailed casita design project. Our qualified casita architects and designers will represent individual exterior and interior features of your future casita so that it will meet your personal needs.
  • Casita building: During the final casita construction stage, you will actually see your dream casita gradually appear in front of you.

Keep in mind that in order to get the best out of your collaboration with Titon, you should consider the following points:

  • Your casita's exact location
  • Size of your casita
  • Purpose of this addition
  • Exterior & interior preferences
  • Legal logistics
  • Your budget
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With Titon's professional team none of these aspects will be overlooked. As a residential construction contractor, Titon is always ready to take control of the construction stages during your casita's building process.


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