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Construction Management Services

At Titon Construction we offer a full range of construction management services from pre-construction to purchasing to construction services.

Our team at Titon consist of Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers. Our years of previous experience allows our team to provide an early phase coordination and insight into construction and development process saving time and money. Early correct planing of a project is crucial at getting to safe, on budget and speedy completion and occupancy.

  • Pre construction
  • Owner representation
  • Construction management
  • Construction purchasing
  • Construction monitoring
Construction Management Services

Pre construction phase determine and clarifies everones’ intentions and goals. We allow time for meetings to understand the project and what you expect us to deliver. Milestones and priorities are organized carefully for every stage of the project. We make sure that potential problems are minimized. Owner representation allows the owner to use our expertise in order to leverage our experience in all stages of the construction project. Working closely with our partners Architects, Engineers, and local authorities allows for quicker more thorough decision making avoiding pitfalls along the way.

Construction management allows an extension to you on the field and in the meeting room. Supervision and proper overseeing the day to day construction activities from safety to quality control is crucial. We make sure that industry standards and safety protocols are implemented. We keep track of costs and expenses, permits and licenses are always where they should be per the stage and progress of the project.

Construction purchasing at a lower cost requires years of experience and partners who we can count on. Years of relationships with factories and vendors allows on time delivery at lower costs.

Staying a step ahead of potential problems, issues and schedule actually saves money and time. Your development and investment depends on a good construction management company.

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