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Tenant Improvements for Commercial Buildings

Tenant Improvements
for Commercial Buildings

Tenant improvement projects include office, retail and restaurants have been a great source of ongoing projects for Titon Company. We manage large and small projects and make it a mission to provide our clients with exceptional service, estimation, scheduling, and quality projects.

Titon Construction is a well customized company who can assist with permits & drawings to allow a smooth and faster construction time. Our sources of construction materials, workers and subcontractors is crucial for a successful completed construction, tenant improvement projects.

Tenant or Leasehold Improvements is an area of tenant and property owner relations that many people don’t fully understand. Signing a contract and working on your space has a time limit that can affect your potential income in many ways.


Moving into a new space or signing a new contract with the landlord is Tenant Improvement Negotiation and Construction

Construction planning and management, size and scope of the improvements, design, and construction cost estimation.


If negotiated properly and with a strict schedule, design, costs and material, working hand in hand with an experienced and licensed team who is familiar with the building codes, regulations and permitting can save you lots of money.

Project Types in tenant improvement can include:

  • Medical
  • Restaurants
  • Office
  • Taverns
  • Retail
  • Warehouse.
Premier Office & Retail Tenant Improvements Projects

Titon Construction will partner with you to understand your business and your goals, to make the most of your space planning and increase your potential profit from your business.

Contact us to turn your space into the perfect one for your tenant! Call TITON Construction Company on (702) 874-7888 to Schedule your FREE tenant improvement consultation.


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Premier Office & Retail Tenant Improvements Projects. Titon team offer tenant improvement for a variety of commercial needs in Las Vegas

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