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Office Construction Services in Las Vegas

Office Building Construction

Building offices and office buildings is a significant long term investment. As investors, developers, and design teams your goals is to maximize usable space in the most attractive way to eventually attract clients or tenants ensuring the profitability of your investment. When developing, designing or contracting an office building, a number of key factors play a crucial role in the business success of your office construction project which are the maximizing usable space to optimize the profitability of your project. Making the offices quickly available on the market for an early return on investment. Adding value to your office construction projects through acknowledged green building label, look, style and finishes.

An example of an office building basic requirements is as follow:

Construction of shell, site, core, lobby, rest rooms & HVAC, 2 & 3 story concrete tilt-up with strip windows, 5 story steel & glass with storefront exterior, 28% site coverage, 4 parking spaces for every 1,000 S.F

Office Buildings Construction

Titon Construction Company is a Full Service Commercial General Contractor based in Las Vegas, NV. Specializing in Commercial Construction & Development, Design-Build Services and Management. Titon General Contractors provides a range of services for commercial construction in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our services include: Office building construction, tenant improvement, commercial & retail construction, concrete tilt-up.


3 types of office classes

Class A

Is the highest-quality office space on the market. Some of its characters include ver y pleasing aesthetically, newer construction, higher building or high-rise, High-end material and fixtures, high visibility, good location, technologically advanced and higher rent per square foot.

Class B

Is the middle quality office spaces on the market. Some of its characters include medium pleasing aesthetically, 10 years or older construction, usually less than stories buildings, average material and fixtures, usually suburban locations, medium average rent per square foot.

Class C

Is the poorest-quality office spaces and structure on the market. Some of its characters include not pleasing aesthetically, these buildings need renovation, 20 years or older construction, usually less than 3 stories buildings, low material and fixtures quality, least desirable locations, lowest rent per square foot. With some improvements and repairs, a Class C building can be upgraded to Class B.


Types of Office Buildings Construction Services:

  • Wood Frame
  • Light Gauge Steel Frame
  • Joisted or Load Bearing Masonry
  • Steel Frame
  • Concrete Frame
  • Pre-engineered
Contracting an office building

Office Construction buildings of different types of structures and different classes. Knowing what style, material, size and quality most fit for the location requires a great team and knowledge. Titon, has the experience in the construction design and planning of such projects.


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