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Architectural & Design Services in Las Vegas

Architecture & Design Services

At Titon Construction we understand the roll of an architect and know how critical an architect is to your project. The design and materials chosen for your project can play a major role in the success of your project. Making the wrong decision can create schedule, budget and structural problems for the long run.

The reason we offer Architectural services is that when an owner works directly with an architect there can be a big disconnection with the program, material, schedule and budget. The coordination between the construction team and the architects is critical at these early stages of building a home, office building and especially a major project such as a mall.


We have the team and know
how to choose the right
architect for any kind of
construction project
irrespective of its scope,
complexity, or budget.

Architectural Services in Las Vegas

It is important to choose an architect who has the credentials, certification and experience. We talk to a number of architectural companies in great length and details in order to represent only your best interests as we choose an architect. The final decision, of course, is yours when choosing a candidate with whom you think could be the best fit for your project.

Staying a step ahead of potential problems during the design phase with the Architects can help speed the schedule and can actually saves money and time. Your development and investment depends on a good Architectural Coordination and Management.


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