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Construction Project Management - keep your home building under control

Construction Project Management - keep your home building under control
Jun 07, 2021

You’re thinking about your future home and waiting for the beginning of the customized construction project? Of course, it’s a pleasure to have a home whose interior and exterior fully correspond to your lifestyle and tastes. But how to keep everything under control in order not to miss anything? Is it possible to do it without a construction project manager? Where to find professional construction management services in Las Vegas? Let’s get this straight in this article.

What stages are involved from the beginning of a project to its completion?
Before starting a construction project with a custom home builder in Las Vegas, it’s always good to know how it is actually carried out and what is involved in it from the very beginning to the moment when your home is finally built. Regardless of the scope of the project and the allocated budget, there are some steps you need to go through.

Any construction project implementation typically consists of 3 main stages and each of them covers some aspects.

1. Pre-construction

The actual construction cannot begin without a project plan, design, materials and labor. The pre-construction phase is designed for preparing everything for the beginning of building a property.

To be specific, the pre-construction stage embraces planning, design, obtaining permits, hiring a full-service general contractor, supplying materials and equipment the labor will need.

For devising a strategic plan for your project it’s worth hiring a reliable construction project manager in Las Vegas, who will subdivide it into the smaller ones and set the timeline. Then architects and engineers will work on the design of your home taking into consideration and maximizing your vision. Any construction project also requires obligatory permits and paperwork which can be quite time-consuming. You may want to hire a Las Vegas General Contractor to facilitate the process and deal with subcontractors. Finally, when the team and labor are selected, what is left is to buy necessary materials and provide equipment for the workers. The jobs carried out properly during this stage determine the success and timely completion of the construction project.

2. Construction

Now it’s time for the building itself. At the construction stage many subcontractors are involved. This phase begins with excavation and preparation of the site where your home will be raised. The next steps are as follows: footings, foundation, framing and roofing, installing electrical, plumbing and HVAC, installing insulation and drywall installation. Then the work is transferred to the inside of the house and is centered around painting, flooring, interior finishes, cabinets and fixtures. The construction stage ends with exterior finishes, driveways, walkways, landscaping and other specific features of the exterior.

What’s important here is to monitor all the jobs carried out and conduct quality control to ensure that everything is done correctly and according to the design.

3. Post-construction

Now when the house is constructed, there’s not so much left to complete the project. All the equipment used during the construction is removed from the site and the house is ready for testing, the final cleanup, inspections and remedial work. And this is not the end. Before closing the construction project, it’s important to prepare all the documents that have to be handed over to the owner such as manuals, warranties, as-builts and final accounting. When everything is checked and you have the closeout documents, the construction project is considered closed. Now, as a happy owner, you can move into your new custom home.

Why is construction management important?

Well, it’s no surprise that the whole bunch of steps involved in a construction project can easily drive you nuts. It requires true expertise and experience to make sure that the project is progressing properly. For that reason, professional construction management services will be of great help.

Without a reliable construction project manager, there’s a likelihood of overlooking some things.

What can go wrong during construction?

One of the most common things that can go wrong is poor planning of the whole process. This can bring about constant delays, insufficient amount of materials, extra unexpected expenses and so on. Besides, imagine that some of the jobs were performed improperly, because of the unqualified labor. These mistakes can turn the construction into a disaster.

Quality Control during the construction project

Quality control during the construction project provides high-end results and minimizes deviations, mistakes and the aforesaid problems. Understanding clients’ needs and vision will even improve quality control, which is why our team always makes sure we understand clients’ priorities.

Titon’s quality control services includes:

  • designed & customized control plan
  • quality communications
  • quality assurance monitoring
  • subcontractors and materials
  • project quality specifications
  • project completion inspections

How to ensure that the construction project progresses within your budget?

The answer is quite simple – effective initial planning and communication with clients in order to clearly understand their needs. Thus, residential construction project management is necessary here. We do our best to accurately determine everything that will be needed during your new custom home building to avoid extra expenses.  

You don’t want to spend tons of time finding professional labor for your project, right? Titon "All In One" eliminates this problem. Our team is selected the way that we can help you with every aspect of construction. Looking for a reliable construction project manager in Las Vegas? Want to finally get your construction project implemented without uneasiness and stress? Titon's professional home construction & management team is ready to help: (702) 874-7888.

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