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Las Vegas real estate investments became a billionaire factory

Las Vegas real estate investments became a billionaire factory
Aug 09, 2021

Many people tend to underestimate how profitable real estate investments in Las Vegas are. It can be explained by the false fear that investments, in general, are dangerous, insecure, and unreliable. But while some people are afraid of them, others make huge money by investing in Las Vegas real estate market.

What surprises the most, is how fast the Las Vegas real estate investments have developed. Within several years, this business has turned from being an unknown industry to one of the most successful and beneficial. But what are the key reasons for that?

Real Estate Market in Las Vegas

Most of the success of the industry can be explained by the convenience and stability of the Las Vegas housing market.

The first example is the advantageous tax situation in the city. Due to the highly-developed tourism and money-making casino industry, there is no state personal income tax here, which is a great benefit for entrepreneurs. As for property taxes, the average property tax rate in Nevada is about 0.7%, while the national average is over 1%.

Besides this, Las Vegas is known for having a big renter pool. Being one of the fastest-growing cities, it has 40% of the population that are renters, while the other 60% are homeowners.

Combining these factors, it is easy to notice, that the real estate market is constantly in high demand, which makes it beneficial to buy or sell a home in Las Vegas.

ROI on real estate in Las Vegas

A vital feature of profitable real estate investments is the Return on Investment (ROI). It defines an investment's efficacy and evaluates its performance. There are plenty of factors that influence the final rate of ROI: the power of the real estate market, the location of a property, its size, and its type. But many experts will agree that for the ROI to be determined as a good one, it should be above 13%.

Considering how popular homes for sale in Las Vegas are, the ROI of the city is high and goes up to the rate of 15%. This allows investors to run their businesses successfully, and to make their property more desirable among renters. So if you are still hesitating whether you need to dive into the Las Vegas housing market, the answer is definitely yes!

Buying a property in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

If you want to buy a property in Las Vegas, but do not know where to start, it is reasonable to hire a real estate agent. He knows the current market tendencies and is experienced in negotiating with sellers, so this decision will ease the whole process and will reduce the amount of stress you feel.

For this reason, we suggest you the services of our company. Titon Realty, being a reliable advisor for more than 25 years, has experienced working with Las Vegas luxury real estate of different neighborhoods and communities. Our team is a group of trustworthy professionals, whose main goal is to help you with different real estate transactions. For example, Ben Shimon is one of the top real estate agents in Las Vegas, who was involved in numerous projects, managing the investment, construction, and architectural aspects of real estate.

Working with Titon Realty you can be assured that it is much easier to buy or sell a home in Las Vegas than it seems at first sight.

Are houses cheap in Las Vegas?

Compared to other cities, houses in Las Vegas are rather cheaper. For example, here you can find a decent property for about $200,000. The prices for Las Vegas luxury real estate are usually higher, and they depend on the type of property, its location, age, condition, and the number of renovations.

What are the most profitable types of real estate investment?

Traditional rentals are considered the most profitable type of investment. It is comparatively easy, stable, and long-term. But another investing strategy that keeps on growing its popularity is the Airbnb rental, or, in other words, short-term rental. It happens since the travel industry is highly developed, especially, in Las Vegas, and many people become interested in renting property only for a couple of days.

Both types of real estate investments are profitable if you know how they work. This is why it is highly suggested to contact a Titon Realty real estate agent Ben Shimon 702-751-7555, to make your property popular and desirable among renters.

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