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Want to increase your home's value? Start with kitchen remodel!

Want to increase your home's value? Start with kitchen remodel!
Oct 11, 2021

A kitchen in any home is not only for cooking. It’s also a place where the whole family gathers together over a cup of coffee and enjoys some quality time or discusses important issues.

Spending time in the kitchen hardly brings joy when it is too small, uncomfortable, poorly thought-out and badly-designed. This is one of the reasons why kitchen remodels are worth considering as soon as possible. By the way, have you ever thought about how much value a kitchen remodel can add to your home in 2021? A kitchen renovation will greatly increase your home value. Undergoing a complete kitchen renovation is one of your best options to boost your ROI – because buyers in the Las Vegas Real Estate market consider a newly finished kitchen & bathroom as one of the most influencing factors when selecting and valuing a property.


4 reasons to remodel your kitchen in 2021

If you want to increase your home’s value and functionality, then undergoing a complete kitchen renovation is one of your best options. Here is the 4 reasons why:

  1. Increase the value of your home

    Kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that add the most value to your property. So, if your aim is to increase your home’s value, you should definitely start with kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

  2. Replace damaged material

    Doesn’t it often happen that some kitchen surfaces, such as countertops, flooring and others, get damaged? Moreover, if new scratches and cracks appear regularly, this will make your kitchen look really uncared-for. New top-quality finishing materials are a must here.

  3. Make the kitchen space more functional

    What makes the cooking process more enjoyable? Of course, it’s functional space. When the kitchen has a practical and ergonomic layout, you find it much better to use.

  4. Upgrade the outdated kitchen design

    Kitchen remodels are usually conducted once for quite a long time. But new design trends appear pretty often, and in the end you’ll get tired of how your kitchen looks. The perfect way to modernize your kitchen is finding a local company that provides the best kitchen remodel in Las Vegas, NV. New style and design will be a delight for your eyes.

Small remodeling upgrades – big change in your kitchen

You might wonder whether it’s possible to have affordable kitchen remodeling in Las Vegas. And the answer is yes. Just small remodeling upgrades can bring about big changes in your kitchen.

Here we offer some tips for your Las Vegas kitchen remodeling project:

■ Repainting the walls

Color plays a key role in every room, including the kitchen. Changing the color of the walls can create a completely different look. It’d be a good idea to pay attention to the modern colors to keep up with trends. Besides, you should choose an easy-to-clean paint.

■ Extra lighting

Lighting also contributes to the interior of kitchens. Very often, a small window cannot provide enough light. You need to take care of additional lighting – for example, above kitchen countertops, on the walls and even beneath the cupboards.

■ Tiles and backsplash

If you don’t have a backsplash or tiles on the kitchen wall, it’s time to add them to your kitchen interior. They don’t only protect the walls from stains, but also make them look much more interesting and attractive.

■ New kitchen countertops

They are among necessary attributes in every kitchen space. A new beautiful countertop would be a great new element in the kitchen interior. For a comfortable use, it’s also worth choosing the right material that easy to keep clean, functional, and practical. For instance, stone & granite countertop will ensure durability and resistance to damage, heat, and moisture.

■ Repainting or refacing kitchen cabinets

You don’t need to buy new kitchen cabinets in order to make your kitchen look different. It’s enough to apply a new paint to the existing cabinets or change just their doors. In this case, you’ll get new material and new texture.

If you would like major changes for your kitchen, you may opt for new flooring, new custom kitchen cabinets, new plumbing, or even restructuring the whole kitchen.

Professional Las Vegas remodelers are here to help

The complexity of any kitchen remodeling project is that many do not know where to start. And so they do something without a preliminary plan. It’s important to think everything over, take necessary measures, and then get down to the remodels.

Find it difficult to find professional Las Vegas remodelers? Good news for you – Titon, a reliable full-service general contractor in Las Vegas, will be happy to be a part of your kitchen remodeling. Our designers will implement your ideas into reality, so that in the end you’ll get a totally practical, functional and stylish kitchen space. We will help you decide on the best way to remodel your kitchen, choose colors and materials correctly.

Titon General Contractor also offers new modern home construction services and can handle any type of home remodeling & renovation, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling. For many years our company has left lots of clients satisfied with the work done. Now it’s your turn to get the best kitchen remodel in Las Vegas, NV - Call us now 702-874-7888 or request a quote online!

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