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Top 10 Residential Construction Services in Las Vegas, NV

Top 10 Residential Construction Services in Las Vegas, NV
Feb 03, 2021

At some point our homes need small or fundamental changes and improvement. It may be any kind of Home Renovation, Remodeling, Restoration, etc. Obviously, it brings up a bunch of questions: Which scope of the project is enough? How to choose the right materials? How to work efficiently with my budget? Perhaps you want to start a new residential construction project and have your dream home built from scratch. It may be even more challenging for you. Where to start and how to manage the whole process? Where to find the general contractor that can approach my project in an integrated manner and save my money?

Knowing that there’s a nearby construction company with its experts you can rely on is a first step towards implementation of your vision and upcoming changes.

Here are residential construction services that are in demand
in Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding areas:

  • Custom Homes Building

    If you don’t want to buy existing homes and dream of a beautiful home that will meet all your needs, custom home building is just for you. You can decide what is best for you from the practicality to preference of your home style. Since it requires an effective collaboration between qualified architects, landscape architects, interior designers, decorators, plumbers and more, it’s really important to work with a professional team who can perfectly understand and enhance your vision.

  • Home Renovation & Remodeling

    Some homes have issues with the plumbing, electrical or HVAC system or layout. In this case home renovation & remodeling is a great option for you. If you’re considering a layout change, room extension, renovation or redesign of your current home, Titon’s team can provide you with an efficient and exceptionally designed finished product.

  • Room Addition

    You need to expand your house to have more space? Room addition enables you to increase the value of your home with more style and size without moving out. Of course, additions require building codes and permits, but a good construction company will provide you with professional home & room addition services in any size and style to meet your needs, function, type of finishes, and budget.

  • Home Fire & Water Damage Restoration

    Water, fire and mold can cause much damage to residential buildings and it’s really important to take action immediately and protect your home. Restoration includes assessing the water, fire or mold damage at your property, extracting water, salvaging the contents, removing damaged materials, demolishing the damaged part of the property, cleaning and repairing the damages and more. A reliable general contracting company can provide professional restoration along with remodeling & construction services. Moreover, the experts repair broken kitchen and bathroom appliances and deal with any plumbing issues in order to keep your home completely safe.

  • Bathroom Remodeling

    Bathroom remodeling is a great idea if you want to have some upgrades, new finishes, major layout changes or even altering the structure. Besides, sometimes bathroom pipes start leaking and need professional repairs and replacement to prevent any further issues. Bathroom remodels will help you deal with these problems and will greatly increase the value of your home.

  • Kitchen Remodeling

    Want to change the overall look of your kitchen to get a new more functional space? A professional kitchen remodeling contractor will help you assess your project and give some practical advice. Kitchen remodels can include some modifications within the existing kitchen space like changing your cabinetry layout, refinishing flooring, installing countertops, as well as major changes like removing existing walls to expand your kitchen, installing new flooring in the new kitchen area & adjacent rooms, changing kitchen layout, installing custom cabinets and more.

  • Kitchen Cabinetry

    If you want to have new kitchen cabinetry, it’s a good opportunity to think carefully about their best arrangement and style. Wisely chosen cabinets greatly contribute to your kitchen aesthetics and functionality. You can choose just the right style that will go with the kitchen interior and make it customized.

  • Casitas / Guest Houses Building

    Single-family home owners often want a comfortable casita added to their house. It can be a guest house or just an additional space for your specific purposes, but anyway a casita is a practical option. Working with a reliable general contractor that provides a full-scale residential construction services in this case has proven to be very beneficial.

  • Roofing installation, replacement & repair

    Do you need emergency roof repairs, inspection, installation, replacement or maintenance? It’s all possible with professional roofing services. You can choose among a number of roofing types and materials that will be suitable for your home in terms of style and long-term quality.

  • HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical

    HVAC, Plumbing & electrical work is an essential part of any construction project. Perhaps, you have some issues with your heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems or you want to change the plumbing and electrical layout. Plumbing usually includes installation of plumbing systems for water supply, sanitary, water treatment systems, drainage, heating and cooling, gas fitting and more. The scope of our electrical work can consist of installation, testing and maintenance of wires, cables, cords, wiring accessories, switches, socket outlets, spur units, junction boxes, pull boxes and more. 

Why is it crucial to find a reliable Construction Company?

There are a sufficient number of companies that specialize in residential construction and offer various construction services. However, what also matters here is the transparent communication between the company and the client. At Titon we always make sure that our clients and the team working on the project are “on the same page”. Due to our dedication and experience, we take every residential construction project seriously and aim at your 100 % satisfaction both with the process and the result.

Titon is just the right General Contracting Company in Las Vegas. If you need to renovate, redesign or remodel your home, have some kitchen or bathroom remodels, plumbing and electrical work, roofing, drywall, flooring, windows or HVAC installation and more, contact us any time! Titon’s professional licensed team will be there to consult and help you. When you need much construction work done like a new build, a home extension or renovation, it’s crucial to be sure that the chosen residential construction company can cover all the aspects. Titon General Contractor works hand-in-hand with qualified subcontractors only ensuring the best quality of the job done. We will work well and efficiently with your budget. If you use the same construction company for the entire home remodeling or custom home building, you’ll save you time and money.

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