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Stylish Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2021

Stylish Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2021
Nov 22, 2021

When you feel the urgent need to change something in your house, do not try to do everything at once. At this point, focusing on one room would be a perfect decision. Many people suggest considering a bathroom renovation at first, as it adds value to your property and refreshes it.

Besides this, there are plenty of ways on how to make it both cheap and trendy.

Oftern homeowners spend a lot of time trying to identify and discover inspiration for modern bathroom remodel, including colors, storage, layouts, appliances and so on. If you’re looking for modern bathroom design to remodel your bathroom but dont have time or knowledge to come up with a proper bathroom design ideas - dont worry! Titon General Contractors talanted designers can save you a lot of time and nerves by helping you find a stylish and inspirational bathroom design ideas for your bathroom remodel project.


5 low-budget ideas for your bathroom

  1. Paint everything in one color

    If you have decided to change the color of your bathroom, you can try to make it monochrome. Firstly, it will probably cost less and will turn out to be an interesting design. Additionally, you will not have to think of combining different shades or colors, which will ease the process.

  2. Update the handles

    Remodeling the bathroom does not mean throwing everything away. As for the existing furniture, you can refresh the handles, which will be quite enough. Visually it will give all the cabinets a new life and you will not spend lots of money on it.

  3. Buy some storage baskets

    If your bathroom does not have much space, use the one you have wisely. For this reason, buy several storage baskets, where you can keep all the staff. They will match the existing decor and will maximize the space usage.

  4. Add some greenery

    There is no other item, which will match the bathroom so well, as some plant or flower. Putting the one in the corner will create an atmosphere of coziness and refreshment. Besides, it will benefit your health in general.

  5. Save money on countertops

    Mostly, people choose trendy countertops, which, as a result, cost nearly a fortune. There is a piece of advice to consider those countertops, which are not that popular among buyers. In fact, this is the main lifehack of cheap renovations at home — to choose items of good quality, but not of high popularity. Moreover, this decision will work in your favor, as you will have a unique bathroom design.

Bathroom remodels & bathroom renovations near you

Despite how useful the ideas of DIY bathroom renovation might turn out, you are likely to be in need of a bathroom remodel contractor. This is obvious, as the process itself requires a bit of experience, a bunch of special equipment, and, of course, lots of time and patience.

With the help of a bathroom remodeling company you get rid of all this stress, and simply wait till the work is done. Contractors, in return, take care of the whole renovation project, make sure it fits the budget, and control each step of the process. Working with bathroom remodeling services is a reasonable and wise capital investment, as you are sure from the very beginning that everything will be done well, according to your requests.

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What is a reasonable price for a bathroom remodel?

The final price of the bathroom remodel depends on its scale and the size of your bathroom. For example, if you update the essentials in a small bathroom, it might cost between $4,000 and $7,000. The larger your bathroom is, the higher the price will be. And, of course, the more renovations you do, the more expensive will it turn out.

In general, many people decide on an answer of about $10,000 as an average one.

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