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Recap of 5 fascinating construction blog posts of the 2022

Recap of 5 fascinating construction blog posts of the 2022
Dec 23, 2022

The construction process hides an abundance of aspects and stages that make it a complex and a very responsible process. The main aim of construction companies is to build reliable houses, reduce construction time and costs. For this purpose, home construction & remodeling contractors are increasingly using new technologies and ideas.

There are also things on the homeowners’ part that need careful attention, sufficient knowledge and timely action. So, those who take the path of building their own home would greatly benefit from the construction blogs, such as the blog of Titon “All In One”. In our regular construction blog posts, you can find a number of relevant ideas, useful tips and detailed guides to help you make the right decisions before and during the construction process.

At the end of this year, we’d like to recap 5 of our fascinating construction blog posts to read.



  1. 7 home design features in 2022

    Each year brings some new tendencies in new home construction and design, which influences our decisions when it comes to renovation or redecoration. No wonder why this article was among the first blog posts of the year.

    Here you’ll find out about the tendencies, dominating home features and elements in the interior. What colors and styles find their embodiment in modern home design projects? What surface materials are leading in the interior of different rooms?

    In this article you can quickly learn more about these issues.

  2. Common myths about home remodeling

    Home renovations and full scale home remodeling add value to the property, feel more comfortable and help keep up with the times. Yet, there are some fears related to it that make homeowners put off home improvements and be rather indecisive about it.

    The questions that can easily race through your mind before you decide to renovate your property. Is hiring a home remodeling contractor always expensive? Is it necessary to use only the best materials to add value to your property? Do home remodeling projects always take more time than expected?

    The article tries to dispel some of the most popular myths about renovating a property. Thus, knowing this information will be of great help to those, who would like to make some alterations to their house, but don’t feel sure about it.

  3. 5 steps to start the new home construction process in Las Vegas

    As it was said earlier, building your own home from scratch takes lots of time, knowledge and effort, especially if one wants to get a fully customized home in the end. Any professionally organized construction process consists of a number of important stages. They don’t only require choosing the materials or colors, but also includes finding the right land lot, arranging paperwork, allocating the budget, choosing a custom home builder, devising a design plan, and much more.

    But what are the 5 first steps that lay the foundation for the successful project? The blog post will help you to get a new home construction started right and wisely, as well as systematize it.

    The article also answers the question: What option is better: building a new house or buying an existing one? Besides, you’ll learn where to find quality new home construction services in Las Vegas. 

  4. Modern bathroom remodel ideas for 2022

    Although the bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house, bathroom remodels can bring your home back to life. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to modern bathroom remodel ideas that could help you implement the desired design.

    In modern bathrooms, aesthetics and functionality are strongly interwoven. Knowing top bathroom trends means that you could create a modern and comfortable space and atmosphere there.

    Apart from top 3 dominating trends for bathrooms, the blog post reveals 7 best bathroom remodel ideas. What textures and materials should be incorporated into bathroom design? What are the furniture peculiarities? Does lighting matter?

    The article also explains whether you need to mix all design ideas to get a trendy bathroom, and gives a few tips for small bathroom owners.

  5. Want to update your exterior? – Here are 7 wise home improvements

    Exterior is what we pay attention to in the first place when we catch sight of any home. A good exterior design successfully combines all the elements, from the color and texture of the walls to interesting landscaping solutions.

    But exterior also requires renovation from time to time, so it’d be great to have a list of wise exterior home improvements that could not only refresh and modernize the looks of the house, but also add aesthetics & increase the value of the property.

    What ideas will definitely renovate or even transform the appearance of your home? This article offers 7 amazing architectural ideas and options for improving your home’s exterior by means of professional design-build services. 


In our construction blog, we always share different tips, ideas, pieces of advice, guides for you to read. By doing this, Titon “All In One” aims at helping you gain a better understanding of the peculiarities of the construction process in Las Vegas and facilitate your involvement in it.

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