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My kitchen is too small - Can I make it look any bigger

My kitchen is too small - Can I make it look any bigger
Sep 07, 2022

Not all homes have a big kitchen, but probably all families want this room to be spacious, functional and cozy enough.

No wonder that a small kitchen often makes the owners pretty upset. Sometimes there’s no sufficient storage space or the layout is not functional, or you feel the inability to apply all design ideas and visions in the kitchen space… All of this might stop you from enjoying the kitchen space to the fullest.

That’s why small kitchen owners often wonder whether it’s possible to make their kitchen look bigger without major remodeling and combining it with another room. With a wise and sensible approach, you can visually expand your available kitchen space and arrange it in the way that it looks spacious and neat.



One of the ways to maximize your kitchen space
is resorting to kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation can help you maximize your space
Renovating your kitchen should be considered to be a consistent process that combines a few determinant factors.

First of all, you should carefully think about how you will use the available space. One of the mistakes quite a lot of homeowners make is simply following nice pictures from the Internet, when renovating. What’s really important here is to understand how you’ll need to move around the kitchen and what the most comfortable way to use the space is for you. So, if you’re not satisfied with your current kitchen layout, you can arrange the cabinetry differently to make the layout more functional.

What concerns style and colors, kitchen cabinets should go along with the color of the walls. It would also be a good idea to resort to the minimalist style, if you want to visually enlarge your kitchen. Even lighting plays an important role here.

So, it takes careful and reasonable planning and wise implementation of small kitchen ideas to maximize your small space and make you happier with your kitchen.

6 tips to make your kitchen look bigger

Kitchen renovation can consist of many stages and its scope may vary depending on your needs and plans. The set of small kitchen design ideas to help homeowners reach the desired result differs from case to case.

There are many tips to make your kitchen look bigger and nicer. As a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor, we’d like to share the most effective ones to use while renovating.

  1. Use a low-contrast color combination

    In general, you need to be careful with bright colors in the design of a small kitchen, as there’s a risk of going too far with it. Use two or three colors at most. Why? Visual simplicity without sharp contrasts is known to enlarge the room.

    Best would be to resort to light, calm and neutral colors for the walls or tiling. For example, white and different shades of beige add more space to the kitchen.

    What concerns cabinets, make sure they go along with the color of the walls and tiles. Sometimes it’s even worth making them the same color as the walls.

  2. Avoid mixing too many textures and decorative details

    The abundance of textures and decorative details in a small kitchen will only create the feeling of chaos in the room. Using too many patterns won’t benefit a small-sized kitchen, too. Among the textures and various patterns, there’s a risk of losing the overall impression, and the eyes will get tired from too many accents.

    Just a couple of harmonizing textures will be enough to make the kitchen neat and spacious, and they will bring a nice accent to the interior design.

  3. Let kitchen cabinetry go to the ceiling

    In a small kitchen we value every centimeter and the main task is to use the space reasonably. Therefore, it’s worth installing kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling. Even if you cannot reach the upper cabinets, you will always find some rarely-used items that you can put up there.

    This tip will not only make the kitchen look bigger, but also will contribute to better and smarter storage solutions.

  4. Choose reflective surfaces

    Among small kitchen ideas is also reflective surfaces. This applies to kitchen cabinets, countertops, glass doors, metal handles, and so on. Smooth, glossy and shiny surfaces will reflect light well, add depth to the room and visually expand it.

    At the same time, it is important to maintain harmony so that the kitchen looks stylish, attractive and complete. Do not focus on additions that can clutter up the room.

  5. Combine closed and open shelves

    In order to prevent closed shelves to visually “eat up” the space, you can partially replace upper cabinets with open shelves. They will make the design a little more creative as well as help the room become more spacious.

    You can store frequently-used kitchen utensils, plants or probably other kitchen decor on such shelves. However, it is all-important not to overdo it. Open shelves should not be cluttered, otherwise you will get the opposite effect.

  6. Resort to multi-level lighting

    Don’t forget about letting in as much natural lighting as possible. It will hugely emphasize the desired effect. If there’s no such opportunity, you could consider other light sources to create multi-level lighting.

    Instead of having only one chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, think of how you could incorporate additional lamps and local light above the working area. Good multi-level lighting is very important for a small kitchen if you want to visually make it bigger. In addition, various light sources make this room more atmospheric and stylish.

These were some of the most helpful tips to make your kitchen look bigger. If you use them wisely during the renovation, there’s an increased likelihood of killing two birds with one stone – improving its interior as well as making it look more spacious.

With our full end-to-end service kitchen remodeling service, homeowners in Las Vegas & Henderson can get professional advice from interior designers as to how it’d be better to expand the kitchen space. Titon “All In One” and our team of remodelers are ready to implement the chosen ideas and speed up the wanted result!

Contact us to renovate your kitchen and make it look bigger: 702-874-7888.

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