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Looking for new flooring installation services in Las Vegas?

Looking for new flooring installation services in Las Vegas?
Jul 23, 2021

New flooring installation is an important stage during home construction. It is of great importance that the new flooring is not only attractive, but also highly practical and durable.

Where to find professional new flooring installation services in Las Vegas? What is necessary to take into account when choosing the flooring material for your home? Let’s find it out in this article.


Flooring & Tile installation services in Las Vegas

Floor is an important part of any interior. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a floor covering that is practical, attractive and goes with the overall look of the room.

It’s recommended to find quality new flooring installation services, as it determines the durability of the floor. You don’t want the flooring finish to peel or tile to crack soon after the installation? That is why you’ll need a professional. As a residential and commercial construction contractor, Titon “All In One” offers affordable flooring services in Las Vegas.

Our flooring materials include:

  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  • Carpet tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Natural stone

Different rooms require different flooring. Before choosing a floor covering, it is necessary to learn about various types of coverings and their features so that you can get the best flooring in a particular room. We offer floor coverings for bedroom, kitchen, dining room, lounge, bathroom/wet areas, restaurants, office space, landings, stairs, commercial toilet, etc. Our team will help you select the best flooring material and estimate the right amount of it to minimize material waste.


How long does it take to install new floors?

It depends on the square footage of the target room or the whole house and the number of workers performing the job. Two professional workers can install approximately1000 square feet of flooring each day. In general, you can get a newly installed flooring in 1-3 days.


How to select the right type of flooring?

Choosing a floor covering is one of the main tasks during new home construction or home renovation. Nowadays, your Las Vegas flooring contractor will offer you a wide range of floor coverings, but you should know how to select the right type of flooring for your home. In fact, the choice depends on several factors including:

  • preferences and financial capabilities of the client;
  • features and appearance of the floor covering;
  • functionality of the house or apartment;
  • interior of the rooms and a variety of colors and styles of a floor covering.

These factors will enable you to choose flooring for different rooms easily.

A very important point to consider when choosing flooring is the functionality of the rooms. For instance, the kitchen or hallway floor is subject to dirt and damage. So, the main features of the flooring suitable for these rooms should be easy to clean, durable and resistant to scratches. One of the best options here may be ceramic tile and laminate. Being moisture resistant, tile will be most suitable for wet areas whereas hardwood floors will be a great choice for bedrooms. Besides, homeowners can also combine different types of floor coverings in one room, but it’d be better to discuss the issue with a professional interior designer.

As for the design, there are no universal solutions for flooring. In general, if you want to make the room calm, buy materials of cold colors such as blue, gray, etc. In order to make the room cozy, choose a floor covering of warm colors such as beige, orange, pale pink, etc.


Quick flooring repairs & replacement services near you

There comes a time when the flooring is covered with too many stains and fractures or the finish is peeling and so on. That’s when you realize you need flooring repairs as soon as possible. If the damages are worse and more serious or your floor is completely worn down, you may even need to find a Las Vegas flooring contractor for a replacement.

Titon’s team coupled with our reliable subcontractors provide professional flooring repairs & replacement for residential and commercial buildings. Our floor repairs services include removing ground-in dirt, repairing scratches, floor stripping, grinding, polishing, refinishing and more.


How often should you do hardwood floor refinishing?

Hardwood floors are distinguished by their durability and so they don’t require frequent refinishing. Once every 7-10 years is totally enough for hardwood floors to be refinished with fresh stain and lacquer.

For more information about our affordable flooring services in Las Vegas, please contact us: 702-874-7888.

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