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Las Vegas Experienced Roofing Services

Las Vegas Experienced Roofing Services
Sep 06, 2021

The roofing system is, obviously, one of the most important aspects of the house, as it saves your property from unpleasant weather conditions and potential threats. The average lifespan of a roof goes up to 45 years, but sometimes even the best ones need an unplanned roof damage repair. For this reason, it is vital to find trustworthy and qualitative roofing services. 

Commercial & Industrial Roofing Services

Each type of building requires special roofing treatment. In Las Vegas, commercial and industrial properties are most common, and there are a few differences between their roofing systems. For commercial buildings asphalt shingles and concrete tiles are used more frequently, whereas industrial properties tend to have roofs made of gravel or tar. Besides this, industrial roofs are usually bigger and take more time to install. 

But these facts should not bother you if work with Titon General Contractors. Our company offers any kind of roofing services in Las Vegas, including Commercial, Residential and Industrial ones. Each roofing project is performed on a high level and is being supervised from A to Z by professional roofers. 

Roof Inspection & Repairment

Another important but usually underestimated type of roofing service is roof inspection. It should be conducted on a regular basis, approximately once a year. This procedure helps to identify and fix small damages, analyze the general state of your roof, and avoid massive roof breakages. As a result, regular roof inspection saves you a lot of money. 

Unfortunately, there are plenty of damages, which can not be predicted by regular check-ups. In this case, the help of professional roofing services is obligated. When it comes to roof damage repair, you should not fix the issue by yourself to avoid causing any further problems. Besides this, you should consult the specialists, in order to understand what is better for your situation: roofing replacement or repairment.

As a contractor, Titon General Contractors provides free Inspection & Diagnosis Estimates for most roofing types. Our company has access to quality material and experienced labor, which makes it possible to offer one of the best roof replacement & installation services in Las Vegas. 

Roofing Contractor In Las Vegas & Henderson

If you are struggling with finding an affordable roofing contractor, working with Titon General Contractors is your best solution. Whether it is a roof replacement project or a repair project, our specialists will guide you through every step in order to achieve the best result. 

The list of roofing services in our company includes professional roof repair, replacement & installation services, alongside roof restoration and roof cleaning. Due to our professional experience, we know exactly how to make your roof safe, durable, and reliable. Titon General Contractors will provide you with the best solutions for your roof and will help you choose the one that fulfills your needs the most.

When do you need a roof replacement?

Each situation is individual, and it is always better to consult a specialist on this question. However, there are common signs that you need a roof replacement. For example, the age of your roof matters a lot, especially when it is more than 20 years. Another sign is broken or damaged flashing. If you notice it,  you should have your roof replaced as fast as possible. Otherwise, this issue may lead to water damage. 

By conducting a regular roof inspection, none of the problems will appear unnoticeable, and you will know exactly when roof replacement is required.

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