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Home additions and renovation services - upgrade & increase your home's square footage

Home additions and renovation services - upgrade & increase your home's square footage
Sep 30, 2022

At one point or another, homeowners start thinking of ways to increase the square footage of their home and make it more comfortable and practical. A new construction would be too costly and time-consuming, while a well-thought-out home extension would just fulfill a number of the owners’ needs.

Want to improve your living space and increase your home's square footage by building home & room additions? First, let’s delve into how to get prepared for this step and make it successful.


What is necessary to do before any home addition project?

Just the way it works everywhere, the result would meet your expectations only with the right approach to a home addition project. Regardless of its type and complexity, before getting to the actual home extension, it’s worth developing a clear idea and vision of it and doing a few other preparation tasks.

So, instead of leaving all things up to luck, let’s see what you can personally do in order to get a practical and beautiful home addition that will increase your home’s square footage and boost its value.

  • Know the purpose of the future home addition

    Among different types of home additions, you could choose those that would best complement your home visually and meet your needs.

    Whether it’s a terrace, a patio, bathroom and kitchen extensions, second story addition, sunroom or other type, knowing your purpose and how you’ll use your future extension will really help you take into account necessary aspects and plan them properly.

  • Plan and design the home extension

    A wise plan is probably one of the key factors affecting the final result, since careful planning of details and nuances will contribute to the best possible comfort level of the new part of your home.

    As for the design, it’s always a good idea to make your home addition to go along with the whole design concept of your house. Of course, it’s not necessary, but the new addition would just look as a full-fledged part of the home.

  • Receive necessary permits

    As a rule, construction projects require a number of permits that allow homeowners to basically implement their construction ideas.

    Good news is that you can leave dealing with the paperwork and obtaining permits to your home & room addition contractor, working on your project. This will save your time and make the process smooth and less stressful.

  • Set the budget for the home addition project

    Before the beginning of any construction project, homeowners should be aware of what they can afford at the time and what expectations they hold. Home extension projects differ in their scope, size, design, materials, details, so the budget naturally varies from case to case. But if you know exactly how it should look in the end and what services it involves, this will allow you to predict the budget more precisely.

    By setting an approximate budget limit and devising a plan for the project, you could find the best possible solution in terms of your home.


6 modern home addition ideas to increase your home's square footage

  1. Second story addition

    Among home addition ideas to boost your home's square footage, the first thing to flash through our minds is probably building a second story. This project doesn’t require laying the new foundation, which is seen by many as an advantage.

    Building a second story to your home is a great opportunity to have the whole floor with a few new rooms and even bathroom and kitchen if the area allows. Thus, such home extension creates enough space for the residents.

  2. Room addition on top of the garage

    Most Las Vegas houses have at least one garage. But what if we consider arranging a separate room on top of it? This room addition type is very similar to that we mentioned above.

    There’s no limit for imagination as to how you can use the room on top of the garage. As a result of the construction, you can get a creative music studio or a workshop, home office or just the space for relaxing with friends.

  3. Adding a bump out

    Bump out is another way of increasing the home’s square footage in case the land lot is big enough and the homeowners prefer going wide instead of going up.

    A bump out allows for both increasing the space of an existing room like kitchen, dining room, living room, etc. and adding a completely new room, which can be used for different purposes.

  4. Kitchen remodeling

    Kitchen remodeling is a good option for those willing to expand this room, rearrange the kitchen space, change the layout, etc. If the alterations are considerable enough, there might be a need for some electrical wiring change.

    But a bigger kitchen means more practical space for the cooking process as well as greater space for family gatherings, so it’s worth it anyway.

  5. Bathroom remodeling

    A bathroom remodeling project is also aimed at boosting the space of this room, which is too small in quite many homes. It allows for changing the look of the bathroom, making it larger and enhancing its space.

    Just like kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling increases the value of your home, which really plays a great role in case you consider renting out your home or selling it in the future.

  6. Building the front porch

    The front porch belongs to enclosed additions. This room is able to perform different functions, depending on the owners’ needs and wishes.

    Apart from a restroom, a library, a playroom, a workshop, a home office, you can also arrange a simple gym for home work-outs. In fact, this room addition proves to be very useful, adding a quality square footage.

Home additions are a great way to increase your home's square footage, add functional and practical space, and even boost the value of your property. It often happens that the house becomes too small over time. New family members or new hobbies require new comfortable rooms. No wonder why more and more homeowners are choosing to expand their homes by resorting to home addition projects.

As a Las Vegas home & room addition contractor, Titon “All In One” and our experienced team would be happy to help you come up with the best home extension ideas and solutions to enhance your home’s space and create practical rooms.

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