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Green technologies - one of the fastest growing construction trends in 2022

Green technologies - one of the fastest growing construction trends in 2022
Dec 16, 2021

With every passing day, the world is moving faster and faster. Appearing trends are changing the way we approach different things. This also concerns the construction industry.

It’s no secret that construction is a powerful consumer of natural resources, since the production of building inputs is the most material-intensive type of human activity. Building also leads to soil, water and air pollution.

No wonder, that in our environment-oriented world, green building is now one of the fastest growing construction trends. We are witnessing green technologies coming into construction industry of many countries including the US. That's why it's time for us to deepen our knowledge about green building and its impact on the environment.

Green technologies change construction choices

Global warming and climate changes are the main impelling force to take care of the environment. It’s not surprising, that green technologies are being incorporated into construction industry. The main goal of green technologies is to eliminate or minimize the negative impact of construction on the environment, improve air quality, optimize humidity levels, minimize energy and water consumption.

Changes in the development and production of building materials are fundamentally changing the construction industry. As the foundation for green building, modern sustainable materials and technologies make it possible to achieve high levels of energy saving and create a more comfortable and healthy environment.

Here are some of the green solutions used in modern construction:

  • Solar energy

    Solar panels are now appearing on more and more roofs. Homeowners, who have their own land lot, install small solar stations due to the fact that they generate enough electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Electrochromic Glass

    This energy-saving glass minimizes the use of artificial heating and cooling in the room, and as a result saves energy costs. Ordinary glass can cause up to 40% of energy loss through your windows, while electrochromic glass provides four times better insulation from heat and cold.

  • Green roofs and Cool Roofs

    Green and cool roofs are both known to reduce the peak of daytime temperatures by 2-3 degrees on high-rise buildings and by 7-8 degrees on low buildings. They are somewhat different by design, though. The cool roofing system works by reflecting away a great amount of solar radiation. Green roofing systems absorb solar radiation, increase thermal insulation by reducing heating and cooling of the building from above. Green roofs not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also capture dust and other pollutants, accumulate and use rainfall.

  • Smart home technologies

    The smart home system is a modern solution that helps save up to 50% energy and, as a result, reduce bills. Besides, energy efficient appliances like door locks, television, thermostat, cameras, lighting, refrigerator, dishwasher and others can hugely increase your comfort.

  • Green Cement

    Containing industrial by-products, green cement requires fewer natural materials for its production and thus, emits less carbon dioxide. It’s also resistant to temperature changes, which reduces heating and cooling costs.

  • Dual Plumbing and Other Water Efficiency Technologies

    Believe it or not, almost every family often tends to waste a large amount of water. To prevent this, we could resort to innovative water efficiency technologies such as dual plumbing, which ensures rational water use by recycling it. Other ways to decrease water use are rainwater harvesting and water conservation fixtures.

The above-mentioned green technologies are becoming a prevailing choice in the construction of modern office, retail and residential properties.

Why should you build an eco-home?

Numerous benefits make green building a promising trend in residential and commercial construction in Las Vegas, NV. This approach helps to solve many environmental problems. First of all, green technologies in construction reduce energy consumption and material resources. Secondly, they decrease the adverse impact on ecosystems. Furthermore, green building significantly improves the level of comfort.

Taking the aforesaid into consideration, building an eco-home proves to be a great way to create better living conditions as well as contribute to protection of the environment.

Green technologies often reduce energy bills in the long run and sometimes the cost of construction, because such buildings are more durable.

As the foundation of the future, this innovative trend is also used in commercial construction like retail and office buildings. Interestingly, it has a positive impact not only on nature, but also on the employees’ productivity. They are 30% healthier and 26% more efficient than their colleagues from ordinary offices.

Can I renovate my home using green technologies?

Some Nevada homeowners are not planning to build a new low-energy home. Does it mean that they cannot incorporate green technologies into their existing homes? Of course, not. This is quite possible in a home renovation or remodeling project.

These are 4 green home renovation solutions for your home in Las Vegas:

  • Solar panels installation
  • Adding more plants to your landscape
  • Smart Home installation
  • Adding more wood into your interior

You just need to find a professional Las Vegas general contractor company that keeps up with the construction trends and takes on “green” projects and combines existing buildings with natural components.

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