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Full-service commercial general contractor in Las Vegas

Full-service commercial general contractor in Las Vegas
May 19, 2021

Looking around Las Vegas, you can see exclusive shopping malls, high-rise office buildings, elegant restaurants, attractive hotels. Have you ever thought about how much effort is actually involved in commercial construction? The truth is that before becoming a fully functioning and beautiful building, any commercial construction project consists of a great number of smaller projects. They all need a careful and experienced eye of a professional.

Want to start your own commercial construction project? We can help you get started and successfully finish it!

Range of our services for commercial construction

Titon “All In One” combines the full range of services for commercial construction in Las Vegas & surrounding areas. We specialize in commercial construction, development, management and design-build services. This all-embracing approach to any commercial construction project we take on prevents you from spreading yourself too thin and finding different labor for each aspect of commercial construction & development.

Is there a significant difference between commercial and residential real estate?

Unlike residential realty, commercial real estate is a space intended for running business. It can include retail, shopping & strip centers, office buildings, medical sites, warehouses, hotels, multifamily condo complex, malls etc. This leads us to the conclusion that commercial construction takes more time than residential construction. However, a commercial property is typically more income-generating, regardless of whether you run it yourself or lease it to tenants. Moreover, if commercial buildings have an interesting and convenient location, they will never be empty and your investment will definitely pay off.

Commercial Construction Services we offer in Las Vegas:

  • Office Construction
  • Retail Construction
  • Restaurant Construction
  • Industrial Construction
  • Hotel Construction
  • Tenant Improvement

What does tenant improvement include?

Tenant improvement is a great way to customize a commercial space to the tenant’s specific needs. Some examples of Commercial Tenant Improvement include removing existing walls, building new walls, room additions, new flooring, new paint, electrical & plumbing, HVAC, disability changes or upgrades, etc. 

In any tenant improvement project Titon General Contractor team offers professional planning and management, size and scope of the improvements, design, and construction cost estimation.

Office & retail construction in Las Vegas

Titon Construction Company has enough experience in office & retail construction.

Building office space is a significant long-term investment, but it’s worth maximizing the space to attract clients or tenants to ensure that your investment will be profitable. We can build office buildings of different structure types including wood frame, light gauge steel frame, joisted or load bearing masonry, steel frame, concrete frame and pre-engineered.

Retail construction is the most popular type of commercial property. An effective design and construction speed can ensure your retail outlets will never be empty bringing you a decent income. On our part, we will carry out the construction sticking to your timeline and budget.   

Titon’s services will enable you to end up with a functional and beautiful office and retail building or any other commercial building, either for your own business or for leasing it out to tenants. 

Choosing the right company for your commercial construction project

When planning a new commercial construction project, it is very important to trust it to a reliable Las Vegas General Contractor that has lots of experience with other ground-up commercial projects and knows how to manage them properly.

Everyone wants to have the feeling that their project is going according to plan and there are no popping-up problems during the process. But what actually makes a commercial construction project run smoothly? It’s the right team offering professional services. You can find this team at Titon General Contractor, a licensed and insured construction company. We will thoroughly discuss your vision and bring it to reality providing customized solutions. Only the best labor and best materials will be involved in the construction of your commercial building. We are ready to take on the responsibility for your project and make it successful in the end.

In every commercial construction project, we provide professional:

  • site analysis
  • planning
  • design
  • estimating
  • costs analysis
  • materials and overall construction management
  • construction consultation
  • construction services
  • quality control & inspection

Planning to start your commercial construction project in Las Vegas and looking for a professional commercial builder? Titon Construction Company is ready to help. Contact us: 702-874-7888.

Areas we serve

Our expertise and reputation has grown our business beyond the local area to include numerous projects in such cities

  • Summerlin
  • Centennial
  • Spring Valley
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • Downtown Las Vegas