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Expand your living space with our home addition services

Expand your living space with our home addition services
Nov 03, 2021

One of the advantages of a private house is the possibility of expanding the living space. But what are different types of home additions in Las Vegas? Where to find the best home & room addition contractor ready to implement all your home improvement ideas? Lets try to answer all those questions.

Planning your home addition project in Las Vegas?

If you’ve decided on to expand your house with home additions, there are some things to understand.

Before starting any construction work, there’s a clear need to examine the current condition of the house (foundation, walls, etc.). It will help determine whether the structures of the house are safe and rigid enough for new additions, especially if you want to build a second story.

After the inspection, it’s time to devise a plan for the home addition project. This stage plays a truly vital role in the long run. This is because it basically determines the quality of the addition and the success of the project.

Home additions can be designed in different ways. The choice is partly based on personal preferences. But it’s also necessary to take into account the following parameters:

  • square footage of the house
  • exterior of the house
  • the purpose of the home addition
  • size and location of the home addition

The main thing here is to find the best home & room addition contractor to conduct all the work at top quality and affordable costs.

At Titon General Contractor, we specialize in all construction services and home additions in Las Vegas. Our vision is to maximize your living space according to your needs. Call 702-874-7888 to discuss your future home or room addition project.

Is it worth adding a room to my house?

This is what you should decide on your own, but we can give you a little advice. If your family is getting bigger, or you personally need more space, adding a room to your house is really worth it.

Moreover, in case you want to enlarge the existing rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, etc., you should consider kitchen & bathroom remodeling as a part of home remodeling and renovation.

Finally, if you plan on selling your home in the near future, expanding your property by building up or building out will hugely increase ROI.

Build up VS build out

Some people prefer a staircase and a second story in the house, whereas others find a one-story house to be more comfortable.

Build-ups and build-outs differ in several aspects.

As a rule, expanding a one-story home with build-outs are easier in terms of work itself as well as plumbing and electricity installation.

Speaking about build-ups, there might be a necessity to strengthen the walls and the foundation, due to the greater load on the walls. Besides, building a second story requires a staircase, which leads to some "useless" space. Of course, in a one-story house there are "useless" square meters too, but a competent and well-developed layout can minimize them.

Is it cheaper to build a second story or an addition?

When it comes to the actual costs of home addition projects, there’s no unambiguous answer as to what is cheaper: to build a second story or an addition. Firstly, we can never find two identical houses. There will always be different square footage, different design features and, accordingly, the price.  

Secondly, we advise choosing an addition project based on what type of home you’d rather live in.

Types of home additions

In fact, there are lots of home improvement ideas to increase the square footage of any home, which can result in the higher ROI.

If a lot is large enough, there’s a good opportunity for detached home additions such as casitas, guest houses and others. Besides, sometimes there’s a need to add a room or expand one of the existing rooms. For this purpose, you can opt for attached home additions. In case a land lot is too small for build-outs, adding a second story would be a practical solution.

Titon General Contractor offers new home or room additions of any size and style:

  • Custom new homes
  • Casitas
  • Garage
  • Guest house
  • Basement
  • 2nd story
  • Attic
  • Home remodeling
  • Kitchen & bathroom remodeling
  • Home Office
  • Studio
  • Recreation room

Regardless of what home and room addition you choose, Titon’s custom home builders are ready to turn your ideas into reality, as we work with any type of home additions in Las Vegas.

Areas we serve

Our expertise and reputation has grown our business beyond the local area to include numerous projects in such cities

  • Summerlin
  • Centennial
  • Spring Valley
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • Downtown Las Vegas