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Consider these features when planning to build a custom home

Consider these features when planning to build a custom home
Sep 20, 2022

More and more people are making a choice in favor of building their own home and fully customizing it to their needs. This decision is undeniably based on a number of advantages like enjoying the unique design features and the style, having the opportunity to relax in your own garden, throw out barbecues with friends and so on.

But before you could see the final result, you have to go through important decision-making that will influence the whole new custom home construction. Indeed, the actual start of the building process is preceded by some preparatory work, which will help to get the desired result and avoid potential problems in the future.

A design project proves to be its vital part.
Owners’ ideas and vision related to the home interior and exterior need to be fully planned.


Think through the details to make your home fully comfortable for you

When building a house, you should think through all the details beforehand. Why? This will determine your home’s comfort, its reliability, durability and safety, the best possible interior and layout. And these qualities of a house are basically what we all should aim at.

While creating a design project and building a custom home in Las Vegas, people are faced with many questions like where and how to store things, how to save the space, what materials for different rooms are better, what the best furniture layout would be, and others. At the same time, it is necessary to decide on the style of a future house.

The main goal of new custom home construction is to provide a high-quality and bright space that will reflect the owners’ lifestyle and meet their requirements. For this purpose, it’s necessary to know the design concept, choose the style, color scheme, materials, room layout and all the details the owners would like to enjoy in their future property.

Insufficient or poor planning can easily cause many serious problems, such as material waste, unpredictable costs and prolonged construction time. And, of course, mistakes may be a real eyesore in the future.

Instead, if you think through the details of your home with the help of professional designers, you’ll end up with significant advantages:

  • your living space will be comfortable;
  • all space zones will be carefully planned without unused space;
  • the project will give a clearer understanding of the scope of work and materials and budget needed;
  • all elements and details will be selected and combined, taking into account the chosen concept and the owners’ nature and liking.


What custom home features are worth considering in 2022?

Every homeowner undoubtedly has their own view on features their dream home should have, or if they find it difficult to think through, designers and custom home builders are usually of great help.

Even though the set of important home features differs from person to person, we’d like to share some of the solutions for modern homes that won’t leave you indifferent.

1. Under-cabinet lighting is a must

We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. To make this room more comfortable, it should be well lit. The working area in particular requires separate lighting, such as LED lighting fixtures. Although it might sound quite unimportant, most homeowners find this feature vital in use.

The most distinct benefits of using LED under-cabinet lighting fixtures include durability, bright light, variety of colors, affordable price, safety in use and environmental friendliness.

But of course, kitchen under-cabinet lighting requires a lot of attention as to choosing the right type of lighting, its amount and location.

2. Turn a room into a walk-in closet

A walk-in closet would be a great complement to any home. It has many advantages over an ordinary wardrobe.

One of the biggest pros of a walk-in closet is the space, where you can organize clothes, shoes, accessories, and small items the way you like. Walk-in closets typically don’t have doors, so you can see all your clothing at once. You might want to organize your possessions by color, style, or purpose – a walk-in closet gives you the freedom to arrange everything to your liking.

A full-size and functional mirror as well as efficient lighting would make your walk-in closet just perfect.

3. Relax in your outdoor space

Those who own a house, know perfectly that having a well-arranged outdoor space is one of the best features worth implementing.

The type of the outdoor feature and its purpose may vary depending on individual preferences. It can be a pool, a patio, a terrace, a lounge seating with a fireplace, etc. The homeowners might use it to gather together with family and friends, to work outside, to do sports and so on.

A Las Vegas general contractor will help you effectively arrange your outdoor space in accordance with your needs.

4. Arrange a quiet and comfortable home office

Who wouldn’t want to have a separate room, that will allow them to work in a cozy and comfortable environment? Home office is a particularly good idea for those working online, freelancers and entrepreneurs. What is more, a home office becomes even more relevant in families with children.

In this room, you can store important documents, favorite books and other important things that you find necessary and important in your work.

A properly organized home office would be an incredible place in your house, where you could immerse yourself in your work without someone to disturb you.

5. Relax in a big tub in the bathroom

Taking a hot soothing bath in a big tub is what can actually help us relax after a hard and fussy working day. In addition, modern models of tubs with built-in hydro massage will feel like SPA procedures without leaving your home.

A big tub is also the best choice for bathing children, because for any child, an evening bath is more about playing with water. Besides, pet owners will find a tub the most convenient place to wash their animals.

Planning to start a new home construction in Las Vegas in 2022 and already have ideas to be implemented? Titon “All In One” and our professional team can devise a detailed design project for you to understand how the ideas look together and whether they go along together.

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