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Commercial & Retail Construction Company in Las Vegas

Commercial & Retail Construction Company in Las Vegas
Aug 17, 2021

Retail construction seems to be a difficult task. At the very initial stage it is necessary to take into account many factors: how to plan customer flow, create comfortable conditions for both customers and tenants, think over the nuances of operation, etc. Well thought-out construction of retail buildings plays a far from negligible role. Spectacular architectural solutions, convenient location, beautiful storefront and exquisite interior design are all part of the success of the store. 

Plan your project with our retail construction services

For you to understand, retail construction includes shopping centers, supermarkets and superstores, warehouses, mixed use retail and commercial/residential buildings in which the retail space is on the ground floor.

Any retail construction project begins with a careful design. After all, the unique style and comfortable space of the store are among the main factors that contribute to its image. To make the retail store comfortable for your clients, the design must be well-devised. And it’s not just about the exterior and interior, it’s also about thought-out retail space lighting, air conditioning systems, security and fire alarm systems and so on.

Retail construction is a difficult process, which involves cooperation with a huge number of subcontractors and precise coordination of their work. All of these require common effort of all members of the team. It’s important to understand that teamwork and the correct organization of the process are key factors determining the success of the project as well as the construction time.

So, to facilitate the process, shorten the timeline and minimize the number of overlooks you should entrusting all the work to the general contractor with extensive experience in design-build services.

Titon “All In One” is a Las Vegas retail builder that guarantees competent supervision of all work, so that your business has a successful start. On our part, the company's specialists will provide professional assistance with a new construction project and installation works offering the best options for your retail building.

How long will retail construction take?

It can take months from laying the foundation to interior and exterior decoration, and the construction time primarily depends on the size and complexity of the project. In general, retail construction takes up to a year.

Types of retail construction

There are several types of retail construction:

  • Buildouts
    A buildout is a total rebuild of a retail space to meet the needs of a new tenant.
  • Storefront
    It's a remodel of a front of the store to boost the number of customers.
  • Remodels
    Remodels involve changing the layout of the existing retail space and upgrading it.
  • Rebranding
    Rebranding means making some changes to the customers' space in accordance with new concepts and ideas the retail store expresses.

Titon “All In One” is a Las Vegas Commercial builder & industrial contractor that will help you with any kind of retail construction. 

Commercial Building Remodel & Rebranding in Las Vegas

Titon construction provides general contracting services in Las Vegas, NV. We also offer commercial remodeling services.

If you want to redesign and upgrade the store to give it a fresh look, commercial building remodeling is what you should aim at.

Rebranding slightly differs from commercial remodels. Rebranding is a deep concept that involves reconsidering the brand itself, its mission, goals, service standards, etc. In the retail industry, rebranding is applied in order to strengthen its position in the market and keep the interest of the target customers. In addition to that, trends in design are constantly changing, so it's important to keep up with the times. One of the stages of rebranding is redesign of the store.

We are ready to implement your new vision and redesign the retail building the way you want it. 

What does commercial remodel include?

Our commercial remodeling services include but are not limited to:

  • Ceiling installation & restoration
  • Exterior siding, stucco repair
  • Fixture installation & resets
  • New flooring installation & repairs
  • Interior carpentry
  • Interior & exterior painting
  • Electrical systems expansion
  • Mechanical system repairs

For more information about our commercial construction services, view our list of construction services, visit our office or call us: (702) 874-7888.

Areas we serve

Our expertise and reputation has grown our business beyond the local area to include numerous projects in such cities

  • Summerlin
  • Centennial
  • Spring Valley
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • Downtown Las Vegas