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7 home design features in 2022

7 home design features in 2022
Jan 10, 2022

Each year brings some new trends in home construction and design. Is it important to be aware of them? Of course, those who are planning on home renovation or building a new custom home in 2022, should know what home design features will be relevant. Firstly, well-thought-out and up-to-date interior design will ensure comfortable life. Secondly, keeping up with trends will be a great asset if you decide to sell your home.

So, here are 7 home design features that will be popular in 2022.

1. Home office or a separate workspace

There is no denying the fact that the pandemic has greatly affected almost all spheres of our lives. Many companies shift to working from home any time when needed. You may agree that it might be pretty hard to focus in a room where there are lots of distracting things. That is why a comfortable home office will be a real must-have in 2022.

This applies to both spacious and small houses and apartments. In the first case, it’s possible to allocate a separate room or balcony for your own office. For small living areas you can resort to several solutions such as rational use of space, multifunctional transforming furniture and reasonable zoning with the help of screens and partitions.

2. Eco-style and sustainable materials in the interior

Today’s arousing environmental problems are a focus of attention in many fields, including the construction industry. In order to take care of the environment, designers are trying to enrich the interior with “green” eco-friendly materials. Green technologies, as one of the fastest growing construction trends in 2022, will be definitely incorporated into home design.

Eco-style will give your home a cozy natural look that will create a peaceful atmosphere, as it enhances the unity of a home with the nature. A characteristic feature of the eco-style is the use of environmentally-friendly materials such as wood, bamboo, natural textiles, ceramics, etc. This principle applies to both finishing materials and furniture. By adding wood decor elements in different rooms, you’ll get a very interesting overall design.

3. Adding more “green” 

The number of nature-oriented trends popular in 2022 is increasing, and one of them is adding small and big plants under your roof. You could also decorate one wall with greenery. This is an amazing way to make your living space “alive”.

Another trendy alternative would be decorating walls with wallpapers or tiles with flowery patterns. Be brave to add similar patterns even to ceilings.

4. Colors that resemble nature

What concerns colors that will emphasize the naturalness of the interior, it’s worth choosing those closest to natural shades. In 2022 select the following colors:

  • various shades of green, as it reminds of fresh green grass and trees;
  • light blue, which resembles the sky and opens up space;
  • beige and brown, that remind of wood texture;
  • white, which as a neutral pure color, is a perfect background for live green plants;
  • yellow, that is the color of the sun and is expected to be used for accents in the interior.

All of these colors, when combined properly and tastefully, will make any home modern and absolutely appealing. If you have no idea how to combine colors, so that the interior looks advantageous, it’s better to find adept designers, who will help their professional assistance.

5. Herringbone flooring pattern

Floor is one of the biggest elements of interior design, so flooring installation has a huge impact on the appearance of every room. Certainly, white and gray colors and natural tones will be most used for flooring in 2022.

What is worth paying attention is the way of flooring installation. For wood floors, the herringbone pattern, which looks like parallel rows of zigzag lines, will regain its popularity.  

6. Marble surfaces

In the forthcoming year, it will be a good idea to use marble in the interior of different rooms. For instance, marble surfaces and elements in the living room, marble fireplace, marble countertop and island in the kitchen, tiling in the bathroom.

White and gray shades of marble will be especially relevant, but do not forget about warm colors. Thus, by adding marble to the interior, you will achieve elegance and comfort.

7. Smooth lines and rounded edges

Rectangular shapes are gradually giving way to smooth rounded lines. Within the interior, everything softens: rounded sofas in the living room, round dining tables and chairs with rounded backs in the kitchen and dining room, beds with rounded edges in the bedroom. Circles, rings and furniture with rounded edges will be a dominant feature in the home design.

So, if you want your home to look stylish in 2022, it’s worth being open to new trends and easily let them in. Of course, for the purpose of creating a modern, harmonious and eye-appealing design, you could benefit from a general contractor offering design-build services. If you’ve set your mind to home renovation, it would be also helpful to work with professionals. They will give your house or apartment a fresh look in accordance with relevant home design features.

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