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24 hour Emergency Construction Services in Las Vegas

24 hour Emergency Construction Services in Las Vegas
Nov 19, 2022

Sometimes, on a beautiful day your property may become a victim of bad weather, before you even know it… Or maybe there’s a newly arisen problem you need to respond to in order to solve it as soon as possible.

All kinds of issues or even damage, be it bad weather damage or the one caused by fire, water or smoke, changes the living conditions we’re used to, and can even lead to some detrimental effects. Here it’s important to take action quickly.

What should I do right after my home was damaged?

A storm, a fallen tree, flood, mold, or fire – all pose a real threat to properties, both residential and commercial.

Although the situation sounds terrifying, sad, and money-consuming at first glance, panicking is not the way out here, and the issue should be approached sensibly enough. Even if you don’t know where to start, all you need is the right sequence of work that could help bring a property back to life.

So, what homeowners can do on their own before they call a professional home restoration & construction company in Las Vegas?

First of all, if there’s an opportunity, they should assess all the damage as it is: inspect the doors, windows, flooring, walls and ceiling that may have cracks or any other serious damage.

To remove a bad odor from inside and prevent it from spreading and eating into the furniture, the easiest step to take on the homeowners’ part is to open the windows and get the rooms ventilated.

It’s also important to remove the furniture from the rooms damaged by water, fire, etc. This would allow for more space for further actions and repairs aimed at eliminating the consequences of the damage and restoring a property.

Now it’s worth proceeding with some cleaning. If this is something you could do at this stage, it’d be great to clean the surfaces, the walls, the floor, etc.

After that, emergency property repair and restoration can be carried out.

5 common emergencies in Las Vegas, NV

  1. Electrical failures

    Emergency problems with wiring or electrical systems and appliances can occur in any home and it usually happens at a bad time. Regardless of whether it’s a power outage, burnt outlet, electric shocks, short circuits and circuit breaker failure, or flickering lights, all of it needs emergency solutions.

    If it is necessary to carry out the emergency electrical repair or replace wiring and electrical systems, our knowledgeable electricians will perform work of any complexity. Even if you do not understand what is the cause of your electrical problem, we can always help to inspect, find and fix the damage.

  2. HVAC malfunctions

    It’s a well-known fact that most Las Vegas residents use an HVAC system, which cools the air at home during the hot seasons and maintains the comfortable temperature inside when it’s getting colder outside.

    These devices tend to get out of order from time to time, too. Minor malfunctions or serious air conditioning breakdowns, such as refrigerant leaks, clogged filters, pipes, or drainage system, dirty evaporator coils, compressor failures can all be the reasons why you might need an emergency HVAC repair & replacement. In order to avoid the repair & replacement of your AC unit, we also offer heating & cooling maintenance and tune-up.

  3. Windows & doors replacement

    Need to have your doors or windows replaced? Or maybe it’s just necessary to repair the broken glass?

    Titon General Contractors offers 24/7 emergency windows & doors repair and replacement services in Las Vegas. We work with a wide range of door types, such as wood or timber doors, PVC doors, steel doors, glass doors and others. Different sizes and types of windows also complement the services our team provides throughout Las Vegas.

  4. Roofing repair & replacement

    Probably the most serious and unwanted damages any home can suffer from are those related to the roof. It goes without saying that this kind of damage, whatever the reason for it is, must be repaired as soon as possible.

    Titon “All In One” provides emergency roofing repair and replacement in Las Vegas to help homeowners deal with any unexpected damage fast. Thanks to the wide range of roofing materials on offer and the expertise of our roofers, it would be possible to professionally restore one of the most important parts of any home and lay the foundation for its long service.

  5. Kitchen & bathroom repair

    Of course, it’s bothersome when you don’t plan any renovations in the near future and there’s suddenly something wrong with the kitchen or bathroom or even both. Problems with plumbing, clogged sink, tub or drains, leaky fixtures, cracked tiling, flooded flooring, etc. can bring about unplanned kitchen or bathroom repairs and remodeling.

    When it comes to these rooms, it’s so important to ensure that the works are done professionally, accurately and properly, because these issues need careful attention.

Through our experience in helping homeowners repair and restore their homes, we can say that sequence and consistency of actions really matters in emergency cases. Responsible approach to these kinds of problems intrinsically saves a lot of time and money.

After an emergency response, Titon’s team always assists our clients with:

  • assessing the damage and devising a full plan of the repairs and restoration;
  • removing water/debris/smoke if necessary and cleaning the property;
  • taking all the measurements and making a list of necessary building and finishing materials;
  • conducting the emergency construction services of different scope and complexity to restore the home and make it liveable and comfortable again.

The set of the restoration, repair and construction services a house may need differs from case to case and depends on the scope of the problem. For some homes it would be quite enough to deal with the broken glass or to repair the HVAC system. Sometimes in order to “rescue” your home, there’s a need to add some services like flooring, door & window replacement or even hire professionals to conduct electrical and plumbing repairs & replacement, roofing repair or even opt for the full-scale home remodeling.

Our emergency home repair services include:

  • water damage restoration
  • fire & smoke damage restoration
  • water, debris & smoke removal
  • mold remediation
  • cleaning and sanitizing services
  • all kinds of bad weather damage (flood, storm, etc.) restoration
  • windows & doors replacement
  • broken glass repair
  • HVAC repairs and replacement
  • electrical repairs & replacement
  • plumbing repairs & replacement
  • roofing repair services
  • flooring installation
  • home remodeling & renovation
  • full-scale residential construction
  • full-scale commercial construction
  • 27/4 emergency response

See full list of our construction services >

We just want you to know that we’ll be there for you if you might need any kind of 24/7 emergency construction services in Las Vegas. The phone number for further information is as follows: 702-874-7888.

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