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19 Apr 2021 19 Apr 2021
Construction Construction

Inexpensive Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2021

Remodeling a home can be a big decision. It can be a stressful massive renovation and is very likely to cost over your budget. To avoid this, we suggest you begin with a kitchen remodel as it might give you exactly the kind of fresh start you need. Besides this, there are a lot of useful tips on how to make it low-cost.

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15 Apr 2021 15 Apr 2021
Management Management

Residential construction project management services in Las Vegas

As the construction industry grows more popular every year, there is a strong need to get acquainted with construction management services. Dealing with a residential project, for an average person with no experience of working in this area, it might be extremely difficult to prioritize and combine all the organizational tasks effectively and in short terms. That is the exact moment when residential construction project management services come in hand.

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02 Apr 2021 02 Apr 2021
Construction Construction

Fengshui for real estate, home and business cleansings & solutions

With countless years of experience in the art of Feng Shui and Energy Psychology, Tsikki Thau is considered a foremost expert in her highly specialized field. Each Feng Shui cleanse is carefully customized and developed by Tsikki Thau herself based upon the client's personal and/or business needs. All Feng Shui cleansings include a comprehensive consultation, removal of blockages and negative energy, color therapy techniques, an initial cleanse, and abundant successful personal and business solutions. Open new doors in your own life and let the transformation begin!

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06 Mar 2021 06 Mar 2021
Development Development

5 upcoming Las Vegas Development Projects Expected to Open in 2021

Las Vegas, NV of all cities is experiencing a flurry of Construction activity in 2021. New Construction projects, both commercial and residential, are appearing one by one enriching the city with more recreational, industrial, entertainment and other sites. New Developments contribute to growth in retail, real estate and tourism. Interested in what Las Vegas is going to impress its citizens and tourists? Here we take a look at 5 upcoming Development Projects Expected to Open in 2021.

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23 Feb 2021 23 Feb 2021
Investment Investment

Building a New Home in Nevada - Buy or Build a House in 2021?

Are you planning to move to a new house and afraid to make a bad decision? Both buying and building a house is an important and exciting step forward, but they still can drive you crazy with all the paperwork to deal with and money to spend. So, how to choose the better option for your budget and needs? Is it cheaper to buy or build a new home in Las Vegas?

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16 Feb 2021 16 Feb 2021
Construction Construction

How to save money on Bathroom Remodel in 2021?

Up for some home renovation in 2021? Thinking of fixing the existing problems and updating the look of your bathroom? Reduce your bathroom renovation costs, spend money on bathroom remodels as effectively as possible. We’ve prepared for you 6 cost-saving tips for bathroom remodeling.

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03 Feb 2021 03 Feb 2021
Construction Construction

Top 10 Residential Construction Services in Las Vegas, NV

At some point our homes need small or fundamental changes and improvement. It may be any kind of Home Renovation, Remodeling, Restoration, etc. Knowing that there’s a nearby construction company with its experts you can rely on is a first step towards implementation of your vision and upcoming changes. Here are residential construction services that are in demand in Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding areas:

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14 Jan 2021 14 Jan 2021
Construction Construction

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2021

Do you consider some home renovation in the new year? A bathroom and a kitchen are the rooms to start with. You may want to have just little upgrades or plan the existing layout changes or even altering the structure and expanding the room. Sometimes bathroom pipes start leaking and need professional repairs and replacement to prevent any further issues and expenses. Maybe your bathroom layout is outdated and you consider new finishes or adding new fixtures and other features in 2021. Here are some affordable bathroom remodeling solutions that will enable you to renovate your bathroom to a great extent and save more money...

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26 Dec 2020 26 Dec 2020
Construction Construction

How to choose the Best General Contractor in Las Vegas?

Planning on having a home renovation/remodeling or building a new home construction project can be daunting. Moreover, finding a reputable trustworthy General Contractor in Las Vegas can be as difficult and stressful. It proves, though, that a reliable general contracting company professionally handling the whole construction process, will definitely save you time and money in the end.

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