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Mr. Ben Shimon is Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Titon Group and is responsible for the corporate operations and its affiliated entities. Prior to forming The Titon Group wich consists of Titon General Contractors (Las Vegas Full-Service Construction Company) & Titon Realty (Real Estate Agency), Mr. Ben Shimon worked with Hardstone Construction and Executive Homes Builders in Las Vegas and helped manage various projects as both main designer and construction coordinator for Tivoli Village and Supreme Court of Nevada. With more than 25 years in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate, Management and Investments, Ben has been responsible for all aspects of operations from overseeing construction, design, property management to real estate investments.

Ben Shimon - Titon Group Director Mr. Ben Shimon,
Co-Founder and Managing
Director of The Titon Group

Mr. Ben Shimon graduated with a professional 5 years degree in Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 1996. IIT, or Illinois Institute of Technology is an architectural and cultural legacy of Chicago and is considered to be THE one and only school of modern Architecture led by Mies Van Der Rohe. Ben has worked in top Architectural companies in Chicago, and was nominated several times as a winner to Architectural competitions in Chicago.


He is a member of AIA and holds several licenses as a Real Estate Broker, a Real Estate Manager, and a B license as a General Contractor. Ben is currently working on his License as an Architect in the State Nevada.

Titon Group’s vision is having an “ALL IN ONE” place. Going through all stages of Real Estate, Investment, Design, Construction and property Management, Ben and his associates teamed up to form the best solution to many of the problems construction companies are facing today.